ZakozController: A Titanic Clash is an upcoming film written by ZakozController. This will be the second chapter of ZakozController's story arc and will take place after Zakoz: Doki Doki Literature Club!.

Synopsis Edit

ZakozController and the gang find their way to 1912, where they board the infamous vessel known as the Titanic. As they board the ship, they are on the lookout for a glitch hidden in the realm. But, as the ship collides with an iceberg, an unwanted passenger boards the ship, making haste to kill everyone. Leaving no choice, Zakoz sets up for a clash that will change the course of history as we know it...

History Edit

The film was brought up on the idea of making a second chapter by ZakozController on Twitter. The first teaser image for the film was shown in April 2018, where the wreck of Titanic was resting on the ocean floor. However, the name of the vessel was edited to spell out "Titan", as to indicate a giant creature is nearby. If looked closely, the Carnotaurus is seen standing behind the ship, with only his foot visible.

The second teaser image is released in July 2018, with the Titanic sinking with black and white vintage. The Carnotaurus is roaring at the Skullcrawler, who are also black and white. The teaser says "It's been waiting..." at the top right.

The third and final teaser shows another angle of the Titanic sinking, but with no black and white filter. The Carnotaurus is roaring at the bottom left, with the text: "The heart always goes on..." above the Carnotaur.

Trivia Edit

  • This film will compete with Mickey Breaks Everything, since the release date is the same.
  • This is the second movie that will be a CGI and live action hybrid made by ZakozController.
  • This is the first film to show nudity in Zakoz's canon.