The True Godzilla

The True Godzilla is a character in Monster Island Heroes. This character is another incarnation of Godzilla, the main character of the show.

Description Edit

The True Godzilla has rough, black skin possessing gills onto the right side of his neck. He has huge dorsal spines of the top of his back, which are much larger than Godzilla's. He has sharp teeth on the jaws, coloured in white, but sometimes yellow. He has claws on his arms/hands which are used for battle and catching prey. His feet are perfect use for stomping through Monster Island and for travel elsewhere. He has a long tail which some dorsal spines runs through the tail towards the tip of his tail.

Abilities Edit

The True Godzilla possesses blue Atomic Breath, much like Godzilla. However, unlike Godzilla, it's a blue flame which makes a wiring sound as he charges it. Also, the atomic breath is much more powerful than Godzilla's.

The True Godzilla also possesses the Lightning Breath from GMK. He only used it once in the series, which he has used to finish off Krystalak in the final episode. The Lightning Breath is purple in flame and has yellow lightning swirling around the flames.

Appearances Edit

The True Godzilla only appeared in the Monster Island Heroes series. The True Godzilla first appeared in Season 5 which he worked alongside MechaGodzilla, GIGAN, Keizer Ghidorah and Battra to kill Godzilla so that Krystalak could start his own kingdom. Around the end of Season 5, Krystalak kills Godzilla, leaving everyone (including The True Godzilla) shocked, thus Krystalak's plan succeeding. Fast forwarding to Season 6, The True Godzilla revisits his decision on working with Krystalak and turns on him. He then battles Krystalak, with the monsters and the human society watching the battle. The True Godzilla eventually turns out victorious, after shooting Krystalak with his Lightning Breath, cauing fatal damage towards him. He then proclaims his throne as the True King of the Monsters.

Trivia Edit

  1. The True Godzilla almost lost against Krystalak, after suffering major damage from Krystalak Mega Gamma Ray.
  2. The True Godzilla's design is Godzilla 2014's design.
  3. The True Godzilla also has the same voice as Godzilla.
  4. The True Godzilla also has a lot of power with his physical strength, since he trips over Krystalak twice in the final battle.