Carnotaurus 1

The Carnotaurus is a meat-eating dinosaur and the main antagonist of Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4. The Carnotaurus also is ZakozController's avatar, which is hinting that this is his favourite dinosaur.

Description Edit

The Carnotaurus (in Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4 and ZakozController's avatar) has a red and tan colour scheme for it's rough and scaly skin. Along the skin, there are small spikes running from neck to tail on the upper part of the body. The Carnotaur also has two horns on the forehand, perfect for self defence. The Carnotaur also has small arms which are completely useless for the creature. It has sharp teeth which nearly hung out of the jaw, since the creature is a meat eater.

Abilities Edit

The Carnotaurus has no known powerful abilities, however, the Carnotaurus only has two known abilities. One of them is it's speed. The Carnotaurus used that speed to catch up with other fast moving prey, however, the beast would have to conserve the speed for actual hunting. Another ability is power, in which the Carnotaurus can smash through buildings and trees with brute force.

Appearances Edit

Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4: The Carnotaurus is the main antagonist of Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4, in which began to terrorize Animal Kingdom. The Carnotaur also targeted Sonic and his friends as main prey as the creature begins to stalk them throughout the entire film, before falling into sharp rocks near the end.

Zakoz Shorts: The Carnotaurus (so far) only appeared in one short: "The Past Machine". In the short, ZakozController (Snivy form) uses the machine to summon the Carnotaurus, which wrecks havoc across the house.

Trivia Edit

  1. There is only one Carnotaurus in Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4, instead of 2 like in DINOSAUR.
  2. In DaGamingSaurus' channel, the Carnotaurus has a yellow hat and bow tie, which ties into Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  3. The Carnotaur's origins in Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4 is that the employees thought it would be a good idea to use some sort of device to make the Carnotaurus look more real. However, the Carnotaurus did, indeed, turned real.
  4. The Carnotaur is as tall as the T-Rex in Sonic's Disney World Adventure Part 4, however, in real life, the Carnotaurus was smaller than the T-Rex, but ZakozController kept the trademark speed and power for the dinosaur.