Godzilla Skull Island Poster

Teaser image featuring a close up of Godzilla's new face.

Godzilla Skull Island is the 16th film of ZakozController's Godzilla franchise. The film is inspired by the film, Kong Skull Island which is released on March 10th 2017. (The same release date as Godzilla Skull Island)

Synopsis Edit

Coming Soon!

Monsters featured in the film Edit

Godzilla Skull Island has some new monsters, which didn't last long in the film. These are the lists of Monsters which are in the film, in order:

1: Godzilla

2: Sker Buffaloes

3: Mother Longlegs

4: Mire Squids

5: Spore Mantises

6: Psychovultures

7: Skullcrawlers

8: Skullcrawler Leader

9: Rodan (Cameo)

10: Mothra (Cameo)

11: King Ghidorah (Cameo)

12: MUTO (Cameo)

History Edit

26th December 2016: The Sonic Kingdom Hearts 5 release image was replaced by a black screen, but when brightened, showed Shin Godzilla's eye and Godzilla's Japanese name written underneath.

2nd January 2017: In the "Happy New Year!" image, Shin Godzilla's tail was hidden in the crowd of characters, along with the Skullcrawler's foot.

28th January 2017: ZakozController announced the film "Godzilla Skull Island" on YouTube (as a comment) and announced a trailer later in February. (which ZakozController was nearly finished with the film)

20th February 2017: The trailer for Godzilla Skull Island was released, and ZakozController commented on the video saying that the film was nearly finished and that it will be in a week long livestream on YouTube in March 10th.

10th March 2017: Godzilla Skull Island was released on YouTube as a week long livestream and gained some much popularity, with viewers saying it's one of the best Godzilla films in ZakozController's Godzilla film series.

5th April 2017: ZakozController announced 2 new films for the MonsterVerse series. (Godzilla, Rodan , Mothra, King Ghidorah: Round 2 and Godzilla: Alola SOS, which will be released in 2019 and 2020).

5th June 2017: ZakozController announced a release date for Godzilla Skull Island to be on iTunes and Blu-Ray, which is July 3rd.

Trivia Edit

1: Godzilla: Skull Island was the second film ZakozController released in 2017, with the first being Sonic Kingdom Hearts: Origins.

2: Godzilla: Skull Island was made 3 months after Godzilla: MUTO.

3: The film also marks the first time to show Godzilla's home, which is Skull Island.

4: Godzilla: Skull Island was also released alongside with Monster Island Heroes: Skull Island, made by DaGamingSaurus, which also shared the story and release date.